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According to Medicalnewstoday, the best time couples should have intěrcourse is in the morning.

Perhaps you prefer the nighttime. Or maybe you prefer afternoon treats. Everyone has a preference when it comes to intimacy, but if you want to rekindle your libido, there is a specific time of day to achieve it. The optimum time to have intercourse is really very early in the morning, at 7:30 a.m., according to a new survey by the British supplement manufacturer Forza Industries.

Going right for it first thing in the morning, ideally 45 minutes after you wake up, allows you to engage in your interaction at your most energising. Both sěxes have greater stamina since energy levels are at their greatest after a good night’s sleep, according to the study’s authors.

According to the recent studies, most people reach their highest stress levels by 10:45 a.m., so if you wait until then, you risk missing your chance to go for a leisurely stroll. The optimal time for intimacy is therefore quite early—possibly even earlier than some would prefer—but research indicates that it is well worth getting up early for.

Making love in the morning has numerous proven advantages:
It can really make couples feel closer to one another, to start with. You release oxytocin, the cuddle chemical, during intimacy of any kind.

Particularly when you have morning intimacy, you’ll feel closer to your partner the rest of the day.

Additionally, the oxytocin that you expel has long-lasting effects: it aids in reducing general stress levels, so as you go about your day, you should feel more at peace. Intimacy decreases blood pressure and stress levels and boosts mood for the remainder of the day because to the endorphin high it causes.

Another benefit of morning intimacy is that it won’t interfere with your sleep pattern. A good night’s sleep is directly related to your intimate drive, despite the fact that this may seem like the least compelling justification for having intimacy so early in the day. Sleep deprivation is regarded as a stressor by the body, which may increase the production of stress hormones while decreasing the production of intimate hormones.

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