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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world we live in almost overnight. Our daily routine, work, education, social life – everything turned upside down. The job market is of course no exception. We all know that the travel, tourism, and restaurant industries, as well as many other sectors, have been hit very hard. There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel and many companies are looking for employers, starting from an entry-level up to highly trained professionals. So if you have already filled your CV templates, let’s have a look at which industries are hiring right now. Tips – how to write a professional CV –

1. Healthcare
It’s obvious that during this huge coronavirus pandemic we need not only much more doctors and nurses, but also health care supporting staff – health care assistants, pharmacy technicians, and home health aides.
In connection with a covid related mental health crisis, there is a strong demand for mental health specialists, psychotherapists, behaviour therapists, and mental health supporting staff.

2. Tech
Our everyday life runs on data. The time of coronavirus pandemic brings us a huge amount of new data we have to process and learn from. That’s one of the reasons why companies are waiting for data scientists and data management analysts. It’s also worth noticing that coronavirus didn’t slow down the growth of the artificial intelligence field. It’s still booming and waiting for talented machine learning engineers and researchers.

3. Finance
Another field that is growing in 2021 is the loan and mortgage sector. The companies are hiring people especially for the positions of underwriters, mortgage loan officers, escrow officers, and loan closers.

4. Education and training
In 2020 schools and universities around the world had to quickly adapt to new conditions. We can observe a growing demand for teachers, teaching assistants, support workers, and tutors. Remote learning during the pandemic is often less effective than traditional lessons in the actual classroom. That’s why many parents are looking for private tutoring for their kids. If you have a skill that you can teach someone, why don’t you try to be an online tutor?

5. Pandemic essential businesses
In this category, we can include delivery services, grocery shops, manufactures of personal protection equipment, and many other services that are really needed during the time of the pandemic. As we stuck in one place retailers hired thousands of e-commerce workers, such as drivers, package handlers, personal shoppers, etc. to let us get all the goods we need without leaving a home.

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