Ahmed Musa Dangiwa: Biography, Education, Career, Achievement And More

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Ahmed Musa Dangiwa: Biography, Education, Career, Achievement And More

Ahmed Musa Dangiwa is a highly accomplished Nigerian architect, academic, and former CEO/MD of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria. With a career spanning over 30 years, Dangiwa has made significant contributions to the real estate, infrastructure development, banking, and management sectors in both the private and public sectors. Currently serving as the Minister of Housing and Urban Development in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Ahmed Musa Dangiwa Education and Professional Background

Dangiwa holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture, a master’s degree in architecture, and an MBA, all from Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria. His educational background is further complemented by his status as an alumnus of the prestigious Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. This combination of architectural and business knowledge has provided Dangiwa with a unique perspective on the housing and urban development landscape.

Career Highlights

Dangiwa’s professional journey began at TRIAD Associates before he became a managing partner at AM Design Consults, an architectural and real estate development consultancy firm. He also gained valuable experience at Jarlo International Nig LTD, a construction company, and Sahel Mortgage Finance Limited, where he excelled as a mortgage finance practitioner. Rising through the ranks, Dangiwa eventually became the Manager of the Mortgage Banking Division.

Achievements at the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria

During his tenure as CEO/MD of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, Dangiwa achieved remarkable milestones that have positively impacted the housing sector. One of his notable accomplishments was the mobilization of an additional N279 billion in contributions to the National Housing Fund (NHF) scheme. Prior to his leadership, only N232 billion had accrued to the NHF scheme over a 25-year period, averaging N9.28 billion per annum. Under Dangiwa’s guidance, the bank was able to mobilize an average of N55.8 billion per annum, significantly boosting the NHF scheme.

Another significant achievement was the record disbursement of N175 billion in affordable housing loans and construction finance. This included the provision of NHF mortgage loans to 5,938 beneficiaries and home renovation loans to 77,575 individuals. Dangiwa’s efforts also led to the provision of affordable housing units nationwide, contributing to the realization of the government’s housing development goals.

Dangiwa’s leadership was instrumental in driving historic increases in the processing of N39.5 billion in refunds to 247,521 retired NHF contributors. By prioritizing the financial well-being of retired contributors, Dangiwa demonstrated a commitment to ensuring the sustainability and inclusivity of the NHF scheme.

Innovation and Strategic Initiatives

Under Dangiwa’s guidance, the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria witnessed a historic drive to enhance the affordability of its housing products for ordinary Nigerians. This included a downward review of equity requirements for FMBN housing loans, the development of innovative housing products to expand affordability, and the introduction of the Diaspora mortgage loan to assist Nigerians living abroad in owning homes without the risk of being defrauded by relatives or friends in Nigeria.

Dangiwa also played a pivotal role in developing a comprehensive five-year strategy plan for the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, providing a roadmap for future growth and sustainability. Additionally, he championed the digital transformation of the bank, implementing a digital transformation roadmap to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer service.

Awards and Recognition

Dangiwa’s exceptional contributions to the housing and finance sectors have been recognized through various awards and accolades. He has received the Award of Excellence from organizations such as the Kankia Transformation Forum in Katsina State and the Real Estate Personality of the Year Award in 2018. Dangiwa has also been honored with the Presidential Award for Vocational Service in 2021 and the Mortgage Banker of the Year Award, among others.

Ahmed Musa Dangiwa Personal Life and Interests

Beyond his professional achievements, Dangiwa enjoys traveling, engaging in intellectual pursuits, and photography. He is happily married and has children, balancing his personal and professional life with dedication and passion.

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