Africa Vs Britain: How Africa Can Win At This Time

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The game of politics is like the game of football some are playing to win, while others are playing not to loose the game.

Everyone is a political animal : as in (micro or macro politician) both Mr short and Mrs tall.

Politics is not a dirty game, but the dirty mind of its player gave politics a bad name.

Wise men does not play the game of politics for the sake of money or fame. 

They just want to acquire the legitimate power to serve the masses who gave them the mandate, but the dirty-minded politicians wants the masses to be serving them even in tears. 

This is the right time for Nigeria and Africa to return to their politics of that “ERA OF PURITY IN AFRICA”, before the emergence of the European through our back-gate; who came to waste Africa not to West Africa. 

Africa is now the winning team in this world political game.

Team (Africa) is playing to win the game,

Team (Britain) is playing not to loose the game.

However, To win is to honor God! Let’s learn to live with this philosophy of a victorious life.

Africa are more than conquers!

Written By: Aniakor Ikenna

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