6 Things Nigerians Enjoy That Some Countries Don’t [PHOTOS]

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Some current-day Nigerians wish they weren’t citizens of their own country, despite the many protections under which they now operate. Here are 6 freedoms enjoyed by Nigerians that some countries envy.

1. The Freedom to Name Your Child What You Want.

What a parent chooses to call their child is completely up to them in Nigeria. Do you think everyone should be afforded the same level of freedom? Some countries, including Germany, Japan, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland, limit the choices parents have for their children’s names. According to the BBC. Icelandic parents have to pick a name for their child from a list of over 1,800 names for girls and 1,700 choices for boys.

2. The Freedom to Style Your Hair in Any Way You Want.

You can style your hair however you wish in Nigeria. Conversely, if you wear a hairstyle or get a haircut that isn’t approved by the North Korean government, you could face severe consequences.

A woman’s hair have only 18 styles, while a man’s own is 15 in accordance with North Korean law. There is no way to change your hair color with any of the styles currently offered.

3. The Freedom To Own A Car.

There are no restrictions on where or when you can go as a licensed driver in Nigeria. In North Korea, only government officials are allowed to possess vehicles. It is estimated that only one person in every hundred in North Korea has access to a motor vehicle.

4. The Freedom To End A Relationship Or Marriage.

Divorce is legal in Nigeria regardless of how long you’ve been married, even if it’s been 30 years. It is possible to get a divorce in the Philippines, but only under very precise circumstances.

5. You Have The Freedom To Drive In Any Color Car You Want.

You can paint your car any color you wish in Nigeria. But in Turkmenistan, however, white is associated with success and black with bad luck. The presence of your obviously racist car is reason enough to deny you entry.

6. Freedom of Religion.

In Nigeria, you are free to follow whichever faith you like, as long as you do not force it on others. This is not true of very many other countries. Example: the government of officially atheist North Korea. There must be no overt religious expression. Anyone caught preaching in public in North Korea faces the possibility of a life sentence in prison or maybe execution.

Pastor Han Chung-Ryeol was executed by North Korean officials in 2016 for spreading the gospel.

With that being said, the issue is finally resolved. The next time you’re having a terrible day and thinking about leaving Nigeria, remember that certain inhabitants are prohibited from owning or operating a car of the color black, worshipping at churches or mosques, and having a limited range of baby names to choose from. Keep in mind that not every aspect of life in Nigeria is unpleasant. The Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Ijaw, Isoko, Itsekiri, Urhobo, and all the other tribes in Nigeria need your aid to become great.

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