40 Reported Dead After Bandits Attack In Sokoto Again

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About 40 was reported dead after a deadly set of bandits attack in Sokoto, during the late hours of yesterday, at a small market.

This got the reaction of President Buhari, who cried out that the rate of incessant killing is getting outrageous in the country. Who said that the bandits attack in Sokoto was uncalled for, and how 40 innocent people lost their lives at a market named Goronyo.

Recall that this bloody incident is coming weeks after, Buhari boasted and praised all the security personnel and agency, for their hardwood that was reducing insecurity in Nigeria.

Buhari, also advised all the media houses in Nigeria, to refrain from reporting articles or video coverage using certain phrases like; “rising or declining insecurity”, he also declared war on bandits in Nigeria, urging the military forces to brazen up for the tedious task ahead.
“The days of banditry In Nigeria is over, we can no longer contain this excessive waste of lines and properties, the reality will soon catch up on them, our intelligence and fishing out there hideouts, they should be ready for what is coming”.

When The Governor of Sokoto, Tanbuwal Aminu was contacted, he expressed his utter bitterness towards the incident and also reached the Nigeria Army headquarters to place more intelligence in the state.

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