4 Things That Happens In BBNaija That Will Repeat Again

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The BBNaija is an annual reality television show that is aired across all nations in Africa, I will be discussing the 4 things that happens In BBNaija that will repeat again.

1. Zero Tribal issues

Nigeria Is a country with different tribes and languages, but this has never proved to be a problem for Big Brother Naija Housemates. The reality television show has no regard for tribal issues has Nigerians and fans of the show love who they love with no discrimination regarding the tribe or background. The show has also brought about unity, the accepted language is pidgin or English language which makes communication easy.

2. Condemnation Of The Show At Every Beginning:

One of the most notable attributes of the show is condemnation during the first week the show starts airing, it always faces condemnation from different people, the recently finished edition (won by White Money) Angel was criticized for her indecent attitude and dressing, but later on, she was able to capture the heart of some fans, also during the last season, Laycon (who eventually won) was trolled on the first day on the show due to his haggard-looking appearance At the beginning of the show, people show agitation, but after few weeks, love and interest begin to arise towards the show, but at the end, they eventually joyfully congratulate the winner and wish to be there someday.

3. Gender Inequality

BBNaija is a platform that gives an equal opportunity for both male and female genders to show the whole world, what they are capable of doing, their skills, talents, occupation, brand, and others. The viewers, sponsors, and brands who support the show only focus on creativity regardless of gender.

4. Most Sexy, Tough, Beautiful, lousy never won the show

If you have been a loyal fan of the show and has been following the show closely since its resurrection in 2017, you would observe that the most sexy, tough, rich lousy, beautiful housemates have never won the show, this depicts that Nigerians are not after the perfect or rich people, they tend to support the upcoming or growing housemates. Examples;

• Season two of the show was won by Efe, an upcoming musician with great dexterity.

• Season Three was won by Miracle, a pilot, television personality, model. • Season Four was won by Mercy because of her interesting personality, though may believe that Tacha would have won, she got disqualified over assault.

• Season Five was won by Laycon, an upcoming artist, who sold out his talent, skill to the world, he could be prepared as the ugliest amidst the housemates, but he still got a large fanbase.

These are the 4 things that happens In BBNaija that will repeat again.

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