2023: Peter Obi Reacts After Running Away From A Large Crowd In Edo

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The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi has apologized to some of his supporters in Edo State for not meeting up with them as he visits the state. While in Edo state, Peter Obi visited Apostle Suleman, he also visited the Oba’s palace. His visit was also followed by a massive crowd that stormed the palace to greet him.

In a video recently shared by Aisha Yesufu, Peter Obi said that he couldn’t meet up to visit them because the crowd was too much and they couldn’t let him.

(Heavy gridlock in Edo as Obi’s supporters crowd the street)

Photo credit: Twitter/Emmybliss101

He said;

“For all the people at the eastern land waiting for me at the market, I sincerely apologize we couldn’t get to the market. After paying loyalties and respects to the royals of eastern land. All efforts to go to the market were blocked by the crowd, the crowd made it impossible for us to be there. Even after I’ve addressed them severally I couldn’t move. So I apologize that I had to run back to Benin because there was nothing again I could do.”

Speaking further he said;

“Let me assure you that I’m committed to better governance in Nigeria and committed to taking back Nigeria and giving it back to the youths and women so that they can start building resources like every other people. Hold me responsible, we will take the country.”


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