2023: It Is Possible To Pay Nigerian Workers N100,000 Minimum Wage

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The 2023 presidential candidate of the Action Democratic Party (ADP) Yabagi Sani says the high inflation rate in the country has eroded the purchasing power of what most workers earn as salaries in the country.

He however added that Nigeria has enough resources to ensure the minimum wage gotten by workers in the country is N100,000.

Bestnewsnet understands he made the submission on Sunday during an interview session with Arise Television.

In his words, “It’s very possible to pay the minimum wage of N100,000.”

If elected as President in 2023, Sani promised to bring positive changes to the situation of the country, lamenting that many things are absent in this current government.

He promised to generate more funds for the government by exploring more opportunities, not by accruing debts.

He said: “I’ll grow the economic sector. The shipping sector isn’t keying into the oil sector. We’ll not be servicing debts. Many things are not present in this government. I have the capacity. Nigeria is a country of greatness.”

“My administration will ensure that global ideas are brought into governance in Nigeria. Europe is in need of gas. How do we leverage the infrastructure that will enable us to deliver this gas? Without proper work, nobody will come to Nigeria.”

The presidential candidate lamented the dearth of industrial growth in Nigeria as well as corruption which pervades many sectors of the country’s economy.

He promised to harness the potential of the Nigerian economy while ensuring accountability and good governance.

Nigeria’s Problems Are Man-Made

Speaking further, Yabagi said the problems of Nigeria are man-made but with a serious and committed government, they can be tackled successfully.

In his words, “There are insertions in the national budget. That shouldn’t happen. Our problems here are man-made. We’ll tackle them. People do things as they like. Our soldiers excel outside Nigeria which shows that our problems are man-made.

“Discipline, engagement and equipment are solutions to our problems. If I give you a job and you don’t do it, I’ll fire you. As a Commander-in-Chief, I’ll use the resources at my disposal to deal with problems.”

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