10,000 New Police Officers Are Coming Back From Police College; Which Police College? – Oseni Rufai

During the Morning Show program on Arise News, Oseni Rufai, Nigerian journalist and Arise TV presenter, said that if you say 10,000 new police officers are coming back from the police college, which police college?

Oseni Rufai made the statement to react to what Inspector General of Police IGP said, that about 10,000 new police officers will be graduating from police colleges across the country and that the 10,000 police men will also be deployed to get involved in ensuring security during the election.

Oseni Rufai said;

“10,000 new police officers coming back from the police college, which police college? Have you been to some of them, have you seen the deplorable way those colleges are looking? A lot of these police officers come out of this police college hungry, bartered, and they see the job as another means to an end for them.”

“So if they have somebody dangling cash for them they will do his bidding during election period we all know the problem in Nigeria. All of this can change if our leaders truly have political will.”

“Are the police authority saying they are not aware that in some states, opposition can not even put their billboards? Are they going to say that they are not aware that police look away while thugs of a certain political party attack the other one?.”

Oseni Rufai then said that when we are ready, we will bring sanity and security back to our electoral system.


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