“You Want More Or I Should Stop Putting In?” Actress Nkechi Replies DJ Cupy’s Quest Of What They Can Say During Love Making And Family Dinner

Florence Otedola, daughter of Femi Otedola, widely known as DJ Cuppy, and prominent comedian Tega have both commented on a post regarding what they can proudly say during sex and at a family dinner. Due to the ecstasy of the moment, the parties involved in sex have a tendency to say some nasty things that they may not be proud of later, and it’s actually seen as a norm, but during a family dinner, the opposite appears to be the case, as you can’t only behave responsibly but also talk responsibly due to the presence of your parents or guardians.

Florence Otedola asked, “Is there any more left?”. It can be interpreted as a request for more food at a family meal because you plainly weren’t pleased with the one you had, but it’s more like asking your partner if he’s tired already because you obviously want more of the fun during love making.

Tega, the comedian said, “I could go all day long”. This is similar to DJ Cuppy’s, in that it indicates that they are both satisfied.

Going all day meant he could eat the meals in front of him for virtually the entire day, even though he included a laughing emoji to make it look like a joke.

Again, actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday, on the other hand, replied to what had previously been said regarding their quest for more, she said, “you want more or I should stop putting?”


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