‘You Don’t Know How Many People That Would Have Been Killed During The End SARS Protest?’ – Tinubu

The Presidential Candidate of the All Progressive Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu speaking at a Business lunch in Lagos has referred to the liberty being expressed in Democracy. Asiwaju explained that the Military regime is a brutal system that acts against the freedom of expression of people. Asiwaju used the popular End Sars protest to illustrate how the right of people would have been violated across the country if the Military goons were in power. According to him, a large number of people would have been killed in the process. 

He, therefore, implores that Nigerians should give respect to the men who fought for democracy to take back power in the country. He stated explicitly that it’s their right to always remind Nigerians that they were part of the struggle. He said, ”You can’t remember what we did during the fight for democracy. But it’s our responsibility to remind you that the democracy we have chosen is not easy. It’s the best system of governance that is available to humanity. You don’t know how many people that would have been killed during the End Sars protest. You don’t know how the military would have restrictted that movement.”

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