Woman Who Mocked Dr. Chinelo After Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack Reportedly Passes Away A Year Later

In a poignant turn of events, the woman who made disparaging comments about Dr. Chinelo following the Abuja-Kaduna train attack has reportedly passed away, ten months after the tragic incident that claimed the life of the promising young doctor.

Dr. Chinelo had sought prayers on X after being shot during the armed bandit attack on the train. However, Posh Mama, as she was known on X, criticized the doctor’s plea for prayers, sparking widespread condemnation for her lack of empathy.

The announcement of Posh Mama’s death comes as a somber sequel to the train attack tragedy, highlighting the interconnectedness of lives affected by the incident.

The initial incident saw armed bandits attacking the train, resulting in fatalities and abductions. Dr. Chinelo, in a desperate cry for help on X, had shared the severity of her situation. Posh Mama’s insensitive response drew sharp criticism from many, reflecting the public’s strong reaction to her lack of compassion.


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