Woman Faces Charges For Sleeping With Dead Husband’s Body For 3 Years

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A Russian woman, known only as Svetlana, has shocked the world with her bizarre and macabre actions following the death of her husband, Vladimir.

After Vladimir’s passing, Svetlana reportedly slept with his corpse for several years, carrying out occult rituals on his mummified remains.

The disturbing sequence of events began with a marital argument that led to Vladimir’s collapse.

Svetlana, who had wished him dead during the dispute, initially ignored him, believing he was being theatrical. It was only hours later that one of their daughters discovered his lifeless body.

Svetlana went to great lengths to conceal Vladimir’s death, telling her children that he was in Tibet for alternative medical treatment.

She even transformed one of the bedrooms into a shrine to Anubis, the Egyptian god of mummification.

Authorities became involved when a welfare check was initiated for the children, leading to the discovery of the shocking truth. While early reports suggest no foul play in Vladimir’s death, the case is still pending, and Svetlana could potentially face charges.

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