Why Was Aminu Allegedly Taken To Aso Rock Instead Of Police Station? – Chuks Akunna

Chuks Akunna, the Executive Director of the Authority Newspaper, has questioned the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Aminu Muhammad over his tweet regarding First Lady Aisha Buhari. Speaking on AIT News, Akunna discussed people who may be feeding off Nigeria’s resources.

Addressing the topic, Chuks Akunna said, “There is a difference between saying someone is fat and saying someone is feeding fat.” I wonder why Aminu was allegedly taken to the Aso Rock Villa instead of a police station. It is called “double jeopardy” as you cannot receive two punishments for the same crime. He was allegedly beaten and assaulted at the villa, but nobody is trying those who carried out the assault.

You may have heard that Aminu was sent to Suleja prison after he was presented in court over his tweet about Aisha Buhari. The incident has since become a topic of concern among many Nigerians as new facts have emerged regarding Aminu’s antecedents before his arrest.

You can watch the interview here. (1:11:00 minute)


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