‘Why Some Politicians Find It Hard To Leave After Their Tenures’ – Peter Obi

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The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi was addressing questions during an interactive session when he was asked a question regarding the issue of some politicians refusing to leave after serving their terms.

He was asked to share his take on it as a former governor who once served a state. Reacting to the question, the former governor of Anambra State noted that those who refused to leave after their terms in office simply did so because they have no means of making money before handling political positions.

He said;

“We shouldn’t allow people who don’t have anything to get into office in the first place. Because I think that is our major problem because they don’t have anywhere to go back to…”

“If they have a place to go back to they’ll go back to where they’re coming from, that is the major problem in the first place. So we have to know; where are they coming from, what is their job, what do they do for a living. You see, it’s critical that you understand this, people must have a daytime job before they go into politics.

Let me tell you the biggest problem our country, state, and local government face today, people who have never created anything are managing our resources, a man who has never created wealth cannot manage wealth.”

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