Why Praising Jonathan Now After Calling Him A Drunk Fisherman Years Ago? – Abati Asks Tinubu

Few hours ago, popular Arise News presenter, Reuben Abati was as seen on television giving his opinion on the recent news regarding APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu taking his “Renewed Hope” campaign to Bayelsa. During this moment, he asked Tinubu why he praised Jonathan in Bayelsa, his state after abusing him years ago by calling him a drunk fisherman.

According to him, he expected the APC presidential candidate to maintain the same energy as he did several years ago when he kept abusing the former president. However, to his surprise, Tinubu heaped praises on Goodluck for handing over peacefully to Buhari after he lost the 2015 presidential election.

He said, “I can vividly remember Tinubu abusing Jonathan so much years ago. He called him a drunken fisherman and even called his people in Bayelsa the same thing.

“Why is he now praising Jonathan after calling him names years ago? Is it because he is in the former president’s territory and wants to get their support?”.


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