Why Nigerians Secure More Than 5 Grammy Nominations: Ghanaian Music Executive Reveals

A Ghanaian music executive has stirred controversy by suggesting that Nigerian singers’ prolific presence in Grammy nominations is a result of them strategically “buying” into the American music market. In an interview on Hitz FM, the executive argued that while some Ghanaian artists might surpass their Nigerian counterparts in talent, they struggle to gain visibility due to Nigerians being more assertive.

The executive, pointing out the example of Ghanaian artist Stonebwoy’s efforts to secure a spot in the Grammy nominations, claimed that the Nigerian music industry’s financial prowess has allowed them to influence and dominate the American market.

This assertion raises questions about the dynamics of the music industry and the role of financial investments in artists’ international recognition. It also adds fuel to the ongoing debate about the impact of visibility and marketing strategies on award nominations in the global music scene.


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