Why Men Have Side Chicks: Nigerian Men Make Confessions

According to several Nigerians in Benin, the Edo capital, men will continue to maintain mistresses, sometimes known as’side chicks,’ because of their perceived perks and strong grip.

The comments of the responders originated from the increasing reports of adultery in the lives of males, particularly the powerful and celebrities in society.

Some men in Benin who talked with NAN on Friday claimed that wives would never be able to compete with side-chicks in terms of appeal, attention to detail, and romantic proclivity.

Mr. Ojefia King, a businessman, said that most guys have side-chicks for fun.

According to him, side chicks should not demand anything from a man, whether married or single, other than travels and sex.

“Some side chicks go after men because they are wealthy, while some others do it to meet their needs,” he said.

Also, Mr Larry Sideso, a Disc Jockey (DJ), said that men are attracted to the side chicks because they have less stress and are always obedient and understanding of their needs and desires.

“I am married and I have a side-chick; she knows her place, no crossing of boundaries.

“My wife is aware of my side chick.

“Like I said earlier, everybody knows their place. I don’t carry different ladies. I just have my wife and a side chick.

“I love my wife so much. I won’t trade her for anything else, but my side-chick is only assisting,” he said.

Similarly, Mrs Ivie Idolor, a teacher, said that side chicks were always answering the call of nature for men.

“If you study the creation of men critically, you will notice men have longer reproductive periods than women.

“A man can still impregnate a woman even at 75 years of age, but a woman can’t give birth at such age.

“Thus, the sperms in a man can produce many children, which simply means when God said dominate and replenish the earth specifically means men’s duty to reproduce double.

“Men cannot help it, that’s what hormones have programmed them to do. So, when a guy has had enough of his main chick, he moves on and forgets about loving his main chick again,” she said.

On his part, Mr Richard Amekpa, a fashion designer, said men have side chicks to get sexual satisfaction.

“Love, care, romance and sex are very important in a relationship or marriage.

“If a wife cannot satisfy the husband with that, he will definitely have someone else that will take her role.

“Total attention is very key to seeing the real beauty of a relationship.

“If a wife refuses to give the husband full attention, she is definitely opening the door for a side chick,” he said.

However, Mr Isreal Osamuyi, a clergy, advised men to upgrade their wives to the standard they admire in other women.

Osamuyi said that most women hardly took care of themselves because they had one need or the other to take care of.

“Women that are married and have children always have one thousand and one responsibilities to attend to.

“So, there is little or no time at all to buy clothes, makeup and visit drinking bars or roam around with friends.

“I am not in support of men having side chicks; but if I really want to peep into their world by trying to understand why, I think it’s purely because of insecurity,” he said.


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