Why Is Nobody Advising Tinubu? If He Is Paying Them Money He Should Collect It Back – Usman Yusuf

Professor Usman Yusuf, a public policy analyst, shared his thoughts on Tinubu’s Chatham House media interview during a recent appearance on Arise TV.

The Professor claims that Tinubu’s choice to interview in London rather than show up at the town hall gathering demonstrates a political error on his part. According to Prof. Yusuf, Tinubu won’t be elected by British citizens, hence there is no point in traveling there. According to him.

Visit Kaduna and its surroundings instead of London. Visit the IDPs who are our people and speak with them. What are you going to do in London? Are you going to be elected by the citizens of London? Let me say that Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s politics have never been national; rather, they have always been regional.

He is the El-Commandante in the Southwest, primarily in Lagos, and no one dares to question him. On the international stage, his inexperience is evident. He is paying the governors on a contract basis to cast his ballots. 

“There are so many political errors, and why is no one giving him advice? The people of the North don’t trust any APC governor to give Bola Ahmed Tinubu anything.

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