“Why God Made Men Skin Tougher Is To Take A Woman’s Slap Without Retaliating” – See Shehu Reactions To Omokri’s Assertion

Reno Omokri’s recent tweet elicited a response from former Kaduna senator, Shehu Sani, who is also a playwright and a human rights activist.

On his twitter handle, Omokri, the former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, advised men not to slap their women whenever they slap them.

“Dear men,
nobody should EVER slap anyone. But even if a woman slaps you, NEVER slap her back. Leave the room. Don’t be provoked. One of the reasons why God made your facial skin tougher than a woman’s own is so that you can take a woman’s slap without retaliating!”

Meanwhile, Senator Sani, who couldn’t hold it, replied that the scene only happens in Indian movies.

“That’s Indian movie Bro.”


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