Why Education Didn’t Scam Martin Luther King, Azikiwe, Awolowo, Achebe?

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There two types of education :
False Education – for business (profit oriented) .
Right Education – Solutionist in nature (impacting knowledge) .

I am a prime beneficiary of right education. But if you believed that education is scam, then why didn’t education scammed Martin Luther King, Mandela, Azikiwe, Awolowo, Chinua Achebe etc?

To every diligent and humble students all over the world, I am wishing you a national and international academic favors!

To all the “Acadas, you must succeed! We are the lamps of right education! We will shine in the whole world, and we will diminish every form of darkness from the world.

With the light of education, we will spread around in all directions. Tomorrow, we will be the ones taking care of the world, therefore, let’s prepare ourselves today.

We are the great sons and daughters Africa. Even the highest mountain or the deepest ocean cannot stop us. We are like strong waves and great rock.

We must fulfill our goals, facing every difficulty, disappointments and delays, with wisdom, patience and integrity.

The joy that is meant for everyone in the world, we shall bring such joy to each and everyone, and we shall make the world a better place for every human race.

Written By: Aniakor Ikenna

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