Why African Preachers Don’t Attract Whites – Apostle Orokpo

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Apostle Micheal Orokpo shared his thoughts on the situation of the gospel in Africa with his congregation.

He claimed that African preachers target Africans since our faith is undermined by poverty. So, if you see an African preacher in London, his congregation is made up entirely of black men since that is the only group with whom they can engage. There are no questions of repentance, judgment, justice, equity, faith, or anything else; we merely pray to God for food.

He went on to say that God will rise men in the end times since there are nations who rely on us. He claims that a Christian gets slain for his beliefs every five minutes in today’s society. There are already 79,000 Christian prisoners in Japan, and if African preachers’ sermons are sent to them, they will begin to grieve and regret following Jesus.

He claims that 50 Egyptian Christians were killed in public not long ago, but that none of them renounced Jesus. He claimed that roughly 13 Christians were beheaded for Jesus in one church, but that none of them renounced Jesus. He stated, “Those are the kinds of pastors we need in this generation.”

Finally, he stated that if 200 members of some churches in Nigeria, Ghana, and other African countries are killed, all of them will deny Jesus because they attend church every day and receive promises that will satisfy their appetite, thus men are chasing vanity through church. They want the same thing from herbalists as they do from churches.

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