WhatsApp Reveals Plan To End Fake News In Nigeria

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WhatsApp launched ‘YouSaid,’ a campaign in Nigeria on Wednesday to teach people how to verify information and prevent the spread of false news.

According to a statement released by WhatsApp, the campaign provides recommendations for users on how to recognize fake news and take responsibility for preventing its spread.

Users should help by encouraging individuals to think carefully and check authoritative sources before sharing any information with their friends and family, according to the report.

“At WhatsApp, all personal messages are safeguarded with end-to-end encryption because the safety and security of our users and their messages is important to us,” said Akua Gyekye, WhatsApp Public Policy Lead.

While WhatsApp remained committed to providing a secure environment for its users to interact securely, Gyekye advised users to authenticate any information they received by confirming its accuracy before sharing it with others.

“Regardless of the person you received the information from, as soon as you share, it becomes something people think ‘YouSaid’.

“Our hope is that this campaign will open up a conversation on the importance of verifying information and thinking carefully about what people read, trust and choose to share” Gyekye added.

According to the official, there are four simple techniques to minimize the spread of false information on WhatsApp. The first, according to Gyekye, was to figure out what a ‘Forwarded’ message signified.

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