What Happens When My Boyfriend and I Promote a Brand Together – BBNaija’s Bella Reveals

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Chidimma Esther Okagbue, popularly known as Bella and a former Big Brother Naija reality TV star, shared insights into the dynamics of promoting brands alongside her boyfriend, Sheggz, during a recent live Instagram session. Bella unveiled the reasons behind the limited collaborative engagements involving her and Sheggz, shedding light on the financial considerations that influence these decisions.

In the session, Bella clarified that the primary reason for the scarcity of joint influencing projects with Sheggz is the higher cost associated with hiring them as a couple. She explained that their combined services command a premium fee, making it challenging for most brands to accommodate both influencers within their budgets. The couple remains steadfast in their decision not to compromise on their pricing, citing the powerful branding association tied to the name “Bella and Sheggz.”

“The thing is that we are so expensive, so why we do not get so much work together is because for a brand to pay both of us, that brand has to be deep. So whenever you see us influencing together, just know that the money is substantial. I feel like we are both too expensive. For a brand to work with us together as a couple is more expensive than them working with us individually… We are not ready to bring it down because Bella and Sheggz, that name holds a lot of power,” she articulated.

Bella and Sheggz, who kindled their romance during their stint in the Big Brother Naija house, have sustained their relationship post-show, prompting speculation about an impending marriage.

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