We Tried To Stop Ugochi From Following The Men But She Refused Because Of Money – Friend Says

we tried to stop ugochi from following the men but she refused because of money – friend says

More reports and updates are coming in on the tragic news of a 20 years old girl identified as Ugochi Nworie who was found dead at a hotel in Ebonyi State with some of her body parts missing. According to reports, a friend of hers who chooses to keep her identity hidden has shared more light on what went on before Ugochi’s death.

According to what was alleged by her, Ugochi was priced 50 thousand naira by some men at the hotel to spend the night with them. 

She said that they tried to stop her from accepting the offer from the men but she refused because of her interest in the money. She said that it was after that night that Ugochi was declared missing after she failed to return home.

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She says;

“After we partied at the hotel with Ugochi, we decided to go home but Ugochi stayed back because some men priced her 50 thousand naira to spend the night with her.

They priced me a hundred thousand naira but I refused because I don’t know them. I lied to them that my boyfriend was in town and so, I will not be able to spend the night outside my home.

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We warned Ugochi not to follow them but she refused because of the money. So, we left her behind and went home. When we didn’t see her the next day, we went to the police and reported the matter.”

The reports of Ugochi’s death have sparked mixed reactions across social media. Meanwhile, the culprits responsible for her death are yet to be brought to justice.


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