War Looming As Villagers Evict Herdsmen In Anambra

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Villagers of the Ogbaru community have taken a bold step against the constant attack and have evicted all herdsmen residing in the state.

Ogbaru Local Government area has been under the constant attacks of herder and Fulani People due to their outrageous number in the state, cases of kidnapping, destruction of crops and farm produce by these herdsmen have been reported several times. All communities under the local government area also joined suit and have fought against infringement of their human right.

In a video that was sent to BEST NEWS NETWORK, thousands of cattle were seen being moved out of the local government by the herders.

When Mr. Arinze Awogu, the chairman of the Committee was contacted, he revealed that Villagers of the Ogbaru community evicted all the herdsmen residing in the community because of their criminal acts.

He also revealed that there were meetings and discussions between the herders and villagers to allow peaceful exit, which they were all given an ultimatum till midnight on Sunday.

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