VIRAL: Nigerian Soldier caught extorting motorists begs for Mercy, Sheds Tears [PICS]

A video footage of a soldier weeping profusely after getting caught extorting motorists has gone viral on social media.

The soldier clad in a black long sleeved shirt with inscriptions “SPECIAL FORCES” and camouflage trousers can be seen wailing and begging a man who is believed to be his superior in the Armed forces.

POLITICS NIGERIA learned that the incident occurred in Maiduguri, Borno State. The soldier cried, prostrated and begged the senior officer, who caught him extorting a motorist.


The man condemned the soldier and asked him to produce all the money he extorted from motorists. The solider proceeds to hand over a rolled bundle of money to the man.

The soldier was heard saying:  “Oga Abeg!, I don old for Army…Abeg…I don suffer for Army sir, Abeg Oga”.

The unknown superior officer responded by telling the erring personnel that he was behaving like a low-level soldier.

His pleas however fell on deaf ears. Watch the Video obtained by POLITICS NIGERIA below;


The article was originally published on Politics Nigeria.


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