UNN Releases Update On Student Twerking In Viral Video

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Mirabel Obi, a female student at the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN),
who was seen twerking half-naked in a video that went viral on the internet was not suspended, according to the university’s administration.

However, the university stated that it has formed a panel to investigate the facts surrounding the incident, and that the group’s report will guide UNN’s future actions on the matter.

Chief Okwun Omeaku, the university’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), made the announcement in a statement released in Nsukka on Tuesday.

“The management of UNN, as a result of a recent viral video in social media, involving un-clad female student twerking in front of Akapbio hostel, has set up a panel to investigate circumstances surrounding the video.

“Further action to be taken by the university on the issue will be guided by the findings and reports of the panel,” he said.

According to the PRO, preliminary findings revealed that the first-year female student is from the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, whose identity the institution does not want to publicize.

Mirabel Obi, on the other hand, has accused school officials of bullying her after a viral video of her twerking went viral on Saturday.

However, a video of the school’s dean of students affairs threatening the student with prosecution and expulsion became viral as well.

She claimed, however, that she had not been expelled, despite reports on social media to the contrary.

“I wasn’t expelled, I repeat I was only harassed without being heard from (the authorities in question badged into my hostel and ransacked my properties),” Mirabel said on her Instagram page.

“A lot of my properties have been damaged and some are nowhere to be found like how do you invade someone’s privacy.”

“I am not and was never expelled because we all know that you cannot expel a student on the ground of twerking,” Mirabel said.

In a similar spirit, a UNN spokesperson told the general public to dismiss reports in some sectors of the media that the university administration had suspended or expelled the student in question.

“We urge the general public to disregard reports that the affected student had been suspended or expelled.

“The public should also ignore any comment suggesting a pre-determined punishment for the student, as she will be given fair hearing by the panel,” he said.

However, the university stated that acts of indecency and other morally objectionable behavior by its students were not tolerated and would not be tolerated in the future.

“UNN degrees and certificates are awarded only to those who have been found worthy, both in character and in learning,” Omeaku said.

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