Ultimate Guide To Securing Internship Abroad Scholarships

Interning abroad can be a transformative experience, but it can also come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there are various internship abroad scholarships available to help finance this opportunity. In this article, we will discuss who qualifies for these scholarships, what types of scholarships are available, when to apply, and other important information.

Who Qualifies for Intern Abroad Scholarships?

Individuals who are planning to pursue a work experience abroad, particularly in a formal internship program, are often qualified to apply for funding that directly supports these types of learning opportunities. While age, demographics, or merits may not help or hurt scholarship chances, being enrolled in one of the programs that offer scholarships is essential.

Most scholarships for interning abroad are offered by individual organizations and agencies themselves, and some scholarships may look at the experience from a scholastic angle, making them only available to current students. However, there are some intern abroad scholarships where individuals might uniquely qualify as potential winners, such as those specializing in a hyper-niche area of study or pursuing research internships abroad.

What Kind of Intern Abroad Scholarships Are There?

Internship abroad scholarships are a rare breed that might take some extra research and creativity. The two most common types of scholarships available for interning abroad are program internships and country internships, but universities and other third-party organizations sometimes offer scholarships too!

  • Program Scholarships: Some programs provide full financial aid packages (airfare and accommodation included!), even if they do not offer a salary. Inquire and apply directly with your internship provider.
  • Destination Scholarships: Certain countries provide scholarships for international students/volunteers/interns as an incentive to spend time there, as the arrangement usually benefits both the program participant and the country.
  • University Scholarships: If you are planning an internship while studying abroad, stop by your financial aid office. Some universities consider internships as coursework and know scholarship options to sponsor the educational work experience.
  • Local Organizations: Ask around town if there are small businesses that would be willing to fund your experience abroad—especially if that means you can bring your skills back and help them in turn as their new hire.
  • Personal Funding: While not technically a scholarship, consider personal funding options such as crowdfunding initiatives like FundMyTravel or asking family members for support.

When Should I Apply for Internship Scholarships?

When looking for any type of scholarships, it is important to start early. The research process takes time, and applications always ask for supplementary materials that take unexpected time to process. Start the hunt for scholarships at least a scholastic semester before your intended intern abroad term.

  • Make a plan: Clearly mark all deadlines on a calendar, and hang it somewhere you’ll see it every day. Set alarms on your phone. Write yourself notifications. Be aware of deadlines!
  • Don’t procrastinate: Some scholarship applications require additional materials, such as recommendation letters or videos. If you didn’t even look at the application requirements until the night before, you’ll never have time to get it done by midnight. Play it safe and aim to finish ahead of time!
  • Schedule time for proofreading: Bonus points if you get a second or third pair of eyes on your final essay—especially from an adult or friend you trust.
  • Apply early to really “Wow” the judges: Nothing says “got my sh#t together” like an early submission. It’s a quick and easy way to improve your chances of getting into the finalists pile!

How Much Can You Expect to Receive?

While most internships do not offer a full salary, some internships do offer a symbolic monthly allowance that covers basic food, transportation, and housing costs based on the country of work. Some internships even include accommodation in the internship offer, which can be worth more than receiving a salary and having to pay for your own housing.

International travel expenses are typically the responsibility of the intern, and transportation will likely prove to be the highest expense of the entire internship experience. If you need additional help to raise the money, consider a crowdfunding initiative, such as FundMyTravel.

Interning abroad can be a life-changing experience, but it can also be expensive. Fortunately, there are various internship abroad scholarships available that can help finance this opportunity. Be sure to research and apply early, and don’t give up after the first rejection. With dedication and persistence, you can make your dream of interning abroad a reality.


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