Ukraine: US, NATO Must Be Held Accountable

For weeks, from CNN through BBC to Al Jazeera, we are fed the same diet on a daily ba­sis. We run the risk of being victims of intellectual kwashiorkor. Hence some of us have to cry out!

This exercise is not in defence of President Vladimir Putin, a dictator of no mean measure. I reject fascism, communism, Nazism, militarism, sit-tightism and all forms of tyran­ny. Putin epitomises monocracy. I like democracy of the Westminster model. The United States presiden­tial system of government is fasci­nating. When it comes to the rule of law, freedom and right to dissent, I belong to the West (the US). I reject the strangulating, despotic govern­ments in China and Russia. They are an open sore on our humanity. The Kim Dynasty in North Korea must fall. Everything must be done to bring down autocracy everywhere in the world. The world must stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Myanmar (Burma), Chad, Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso,etc. and take all legitimate measures, including use of force, to remove the unconsti­tutional governments and usurpers of political power.

However, I reject the month-long mobilisation of mass hysteria against Russia through the agen­cies of instant communication – the Cable News Network (CNN), British Broadcasting Corporation and Al Ja­zeera. I refuse to be hypnotised. The Ukraine crisis (now developing into a full-scale war), which has claimed over 14,000 lives, is deplorable. The blame for the deadly turmoil rests squarely at the doorstep of Washing­ton. The United States, through the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), is obsessed stealthily with the ambition to emerge the only su­per power in the globe. The notion of ‘balance of power’ is anathema to the American establishment. The European Union, United Kingdom and other allies in NATO are mere pawns on the power chessboard of America. The US is neurotically against a bi-polar world. After us­ing the so-called allies to achieve a unipolar world of its dream, it will dispense with their services. Did America not stab France, a major ally, in the back recently by undercut­ting it through the Australia-UK-US pact on nuclear-powered submarine in Australia? The uppercut delivered by Washington to Paris was so dev­astating that France had to recall its ambassador to the United States! Looks surreal; looks impossible! “Yea, you’re dispensable; you’re our ally on our own terms” – the import of the US message to France.

The European member states had better open their eyes before it is too late. Recall the infamous statement of ex-Prime Minister of UK, Tony Blair – “I will be with you, whatever!” Yes, UK, France and others went ev­erywhere with the then President George Bush blindfolded. By the time President Joe Biden withdrew American troops from Afghanistan, he practically didn’t remember any ally for consultation!

What is the purpose of NATO af­ter the dissolution of Warsaw Pact? NATO should have dissolved after the fall of communism, disintegra­tion of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and fall of Berlin Wall. How can you have military bases all over the world, if there are no ulterior motives? The US once mooted the idea of having another military base in the Gulf of Guin­ea, in the backyard of Nigeria. In a strident article, this writer reacted against it.

In the current face-off with the West (the US), we must align with Russia in order to ensure a bi-polar world, where there is balance of power. Personally, I do not want to look back from my grave and observe my future generation in chains of political, legal and economic servi­tude. I do not wish to watch them at the beck and call of aliens or governed by whims and caprices of their contemporaries in distant Washington D.C. I am not sure there is any leader that is worth his salt either in Russia, China, Nigeria or France that will allow his nation to be surrounded by machinery of an­nihilation without appropriate and commensurate response. Ever since the dissolution of Warsaw Pact, the US has been moving machinery of force to Eastern Europe through NATO enlargement, cunningly to encircle Russia, another super pow­er. Hence, Russia is fighting back. The only profound regret is that this battle is not on a diplomatic front but involves blood-letting, which is com­prehensibly inadmissible. There is no justified war. Had US abandoned its sly intention to hem in or sur­round Russia militarily in order to emerge the only super power, there would have been no war in Georgia and currently in Ukraine.

In 1989, the torchbearer of world’s communist ideology made a volte-face and renounced a dogma that had polarized the world. The US establishment/ ultra-nationalists felt supremely elated. Before a stu­pefied world, President Mikhail Gor­bachev, declared in February 1990, “We should abandon the ideological dogmatism that became ingrained during the past decades” and fol­lowed up the ‘sacrilege’ with an elaborate visit to the United States, where he submitted, “The Cold War is now behind us. Let us not wrangle over who won it.” Apparently, the Soviet President deluded himself with that submission. The War had been won and lost. The US wasted no time in sending the message of a new empire or a new world order. Warsaw Pact may die as it was bound to but not NATO; in fact, unified Ger­many must be a member of NATO; and US-controlled NATO must reap in full the spoils of war through ex­pansion and occupation of the ‘de­feated territories’ in Eastern Europe. To achieve this, the US continued to massage the ego of Gorbachev, Bo­ris Yeltsin and their successors while pushing the apparatus of death to their doorstep under different guis­es in order to realize its dream of a unipolar world.

The American establishment nurtures mortal fear for an unreined Russia. With her long-range nuclear missile arsenals, air and sea-launched cruise missiles, intercontinental bal­listic missiles with chemical weapons not yet fully dismantled and a host of weather-beaten Cold War generals still in the force, Russia may have lost the ideological battle of communism to the US capitalism but it is not yet drowned militarily. Of course, Amer­ica is not in a hurry in its strategy of containment of the former arch foe – it took some five decades for commu­nism to be defeated – but the process of achieving the American Empire must be jump-started under differ­ent guises (a process which the US no less regards as supremely adroit). Russia can see through the slyness, camouflage, hence his counter ac­tions, which have rattled the US and will surely return CIA, Pentagon and the military-industrial complex to the drawing board. Russia’s counter ac­tions in Georgia must be viewed in the context of an effective riposte to the US manoeuvres in some coun­tries close to its borders. It is exactly the same scenario that is playing out in Ukraine. Pre-emptive strikes are justified in international law. If there is palpable evidence that Territory C might ultimately use Territory B to launch an attack against Territory A or compromise its security, then Territory A can take proportionate pre-emptive strikes against Territo­ry B.

Americans claim they are lovers of freedom but that liberty they have denied others. It claims Ukraine is a sovereign state and is free to choose a path that pleases it by joining NATO. Why then is US fighting Iran, anoth­er sovereign country, for choosing a path that pleases it by developing (potential) nuclear arms?

It is good the vast majority of American citizens do not believe in the unipolar agenda of their ul­tra-nationalist leaders. The United States must abandon its expansion­ist drive and dream of the only su­per power in the world. The United States and Russia must lead the cam­paign to rid the world completely of nuclear arms, starting with the two powers. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) must be dis­solved without further ado while Russia must pull out from Ukraine without further assault – the war must stop immediately. The UK and European Union should be in a hur­ry to dismantle NATO. Otherwise, either now or in the future, Europe risks being the battle-field in a feud between US and Russia, and Europe will be the loser for it – the US being thousands of miles away from the warfront. I call for immediate cease­fire in Ukraine while US with its al­lies and Russia return to the negoti­ating table. There is no justified war.

In this age of globalization that opens unprecedented doors for eco­nomic integration and prosperity for peoples of the world, military al­liances have become anachronistic.


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