UK Concert: “Rema Tried To Lure Us Into Demonic Rituals” — Attendee Speaks On Fear

London – A show attendee has come forward, sharing her harrowing experience during Rema’s recent performance at the O2 Arena in the UK. The famous Nigerian singer, known for his energetic stage presence, has been accused of attempting to lure the audience into demonic rituals.

Rema, 23, headlined the event on November 14th, making a grand entrance on the back of a horse and later riding on the back of a bat. Images displayed during the performance were reported to be disturbing.

The attendee, who described the show as the scariest musical event she has ever attended, voiced concerns about Rema’s alleged demonic presentation, accusing him of trying to steal the souls of his fans.

In her statement, she expressed her fear and discomfort, stating, “No guys, I have no words for Rema’s concert. My fury is, all those stuff he was doing for fun or whatever was to lure us into the demonic shit he tried to do today.”

She went on to recount how the chanting during the performance was unsettling, and even her companion felt possessed. Concerned for their well-being, she shared that she started praying and ultimately had to leave the show early.


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