UAE Backs Down, Grant Nigerians More Permission To Fly Direct To Dubai Unlike Before

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) yesterday agreed to provide Air Peace seven seats in what appears to be a bid to avoid a diplomatic spat.

According to a source, the Nigerian carrier has also been granted permission to fly directly to Dubai rather than Sharjah Airport.

The government, on the other hand, stated that it was uninformed of the UAE’s reported refusal to allow Nigerians to reach any portion of the UAE via other carriers.

According to sources, Air Peace received a letter from the General Civil Aviation Authority on December 13th, 2021.

Despite the fact that the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs was not copied, the letter was believed to have been received by the Federal Government.

A source said: “As at 7pm, the General Civil Aviation Authority of the UAE has written to Air Peace to come and take its slots. Unlike before, the UAE conceded seven slots to the Nigerian carrier.

“In the letter, the UAE said Air Peace can fly directly to Dubai and not Sharjah Airport. This is the latest on the development.

“Even though they did not follow the right diplomatic channel by writing the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs which will in turn inform the Aviation Minister,  this is still a positive development.”

Asked if the UAE has stopped other carriers from conveying Nigerians to Dubai, the source said: “This is in the realm of rumours. I don’t think it is true. No official communication banning Nigerians from entering Dubai through other carriers. If anybody has such a directive, let him or her produce it. It will be in gross violation of international civil aviation regulations.

“The Federal Government got no such information at the diplomatic or official level. I think with the latest concessions,  the UAE was trying to avoid a diplomatic row with Nigeria. We also do not want any row with the UAE.”


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