U.S Slams Nigerian Elections For Voter Intimidation And Suppression

The U.S. Mission Nigeria has issued a statement expressing concern over the disturbing acts of violent voter intimidation and suppression that took place during the March 18 gubernatorial and state assembly elections in Lagos, Kano, and other states. Members of the U.S. diplomatic mission observed the elections in Lagos and elsewhere and witnessed some of these incidents first-hand. The statement calls on Nigerian authorities to hold accountable and bring to justice any individuals found to have ordered or carried out efforts to intimidate voters and suppress voting during the election process.

The U.S. also warns that it will consider all available actions, including additional visa restrictions, on individuals believed to be responsible for or complicit in undermining the democratic process in Nigeria. The U.S. renews its call for any challenges to election results to go through established legal processes, which must not be interfered with.

This statement highlights the importance of free and fair elections in Nigeria and the need for transparency and accountability in the electoral process. The U.S. is committed to supporting democratic processes in Nigeria and will continue to monitor the situation closely.

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