Two Reported Dead, After Bandits Attack Station In Zamfara

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According to a verified source, two have been reported dead, after Bandits Attack  Station In Zamfara State.

The unfortunate incident happened, in the late hours of Friday, where the bandits attacked a small town called Shinkafi town, and a neighboring city.

The attackers were said to have carted away arms from the ransacked police stations.

Recall that, Shinkafi town is part of the cities in Zamfara that their telecommunication network was shut down earlier this month.

A resident sent an update through Sokoto, where he stated that stated two have been reported dead after the bandits attack station, he further that the men arrived in a Toyota Hilux and operated within the suburb for an hour.

Due to the telecommunication shutdown, the spokesman for Zamfara state Police had not been reached.

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