Tragic! Stray Bullet Kills Pastor During Morning Devotion

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A stray bullet has killed a pastor during his morning devotion in Ebonyi on Monday, September 20.

John Onu pastor to the Glorious Gospel Fire Assembly Abakaliki, Ebonyi State was killed when he was saying his early morning prayers in his home.

The tragic incident occurred in Nkaliki, Abakaliki government area when some security agents protecting a hotel belonging to the Special Assistant to the chairman of the local government on Internally Generated Revenue started shooting at some youths that were protesting due to the death of a man in the Ebyia Upnuhu community.

The man was beaten to death and the aggrieved youths had taken to the streets to show their displeasure.

Emmanuel Nwangele, the chairman of the local government confirmed the incident, he also said that even though the youths were not really aware of what happened they went ahead to set his house and that of others on fire.

He said: “I was about to go to the village that night to calm the youths but somebody around me that time told me that it was late; that it was better to go in the morning. It was after that that I was informed that somebody died and that they are rampaging to the extent that they came to one Bosco Guest House but they were dispersed by the police. They went back home and set ablaze houses.

“I was called that they also moved to my own house and set it ablaze, destroying so many things. I said why, when I don’t know the genesis of the problem? Late in the night, they also went back to that Bosco hotel. According to information, they were even trying to come to Abakaliki Local Government headquarters, but security agencies prevented them. Then this morning, they returned.

“Chukwudi Onyibe is my SA on IGR. But information reaching me says that they conveyed Ebubeagu people to go and arrest somebody who stole something and on the way to that place, they had a clash with somebody who overtook their vehicle. From there, they had some squabble; it was led by one soldier from our village who was posted out but was in the village. It was one of the Ebubeagu boys that they said had encounter with them, and my SA wasn’t even with them but that he was on the steering. This was what I was told. I don’t even know anything about it.”

Philip Levi, the Assistant Police Public Relations of the State Police Command, said that the incident was already brought under control and some persons have been arrested.