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The top ten most hated tribes in Nigeria has been revealed in this article.

Nigeria, known as the “Giant of Africa,” is a country blessed with diverse ethnic groups, each with its unique cultural heritage and traditions. However, the country has also witnessed tribal conflicts and tensions that have deep historical roots.

Understanding the dynamics of these conflicts is crucial for fostering unity and peaceful coexistence among its people.

Nigeria is an extremely ethnically and culturally diverse country. These tribes have lived side by side for so long they now resent one another and essentially just tolerate one another. However, this hostility has caused several political, social, and economic issues for the nation.

With so many problems plaguing the country, many tribes have been compelled to act violently toward the government, their neighbours, or even other tribes.

The fundamental idea of this piece is that every individual is primarily out for himself. Every group in the country is accountable for behaving badly against the other, especially when you look into their cultures and traditions.

It should be noted that only a significant portion of the members of the tribes we looked at exhibit the negative characteristics we looked for. This piece doesn’t any way or manner potray all persons from the tribes listed above as the bad but should be used for information purposes.

Below is a list of top ten Nigerian tribes who are most hated according to NIGERIAINFOFINDER:


The Fulani tribe is at the top of our list due to the sheer number of murders and atrocities associated with them. They have killed more people than any other tribe in Nigeria. The Fulani herdsmen (bandits&Terrorists) is an example.

Tensions have arisen in the country due to clashes between Fulani herders and farmers over land and resources. These conflicts have resulted in violence and loss of lives, sparking debates about resource control and peaceful coexistence

Most of the time, you can find them in the northern region of the nation, in Fulani states like Sokoto, Bauchi, Katsina, Kebbi, Gombe, and Yobe, among others.


What comes to mind when you hear the word Ogoni? It’s certainly not all sunshine and roses. This tribe is notorious for kidnappings, murders, and other illegal activities. Some people have asserted that the Ogoni people don’t value life. They act and behave anyway they choose, and they can even spend a little sum of money to enrage someone.

Our research into the Ogoni people and the vices that are attributed to them is the result of governmental neglect. The Ogoni people have long suffered from abuses of their human rights. They were the ones who suffered the most from the oil leak, and when their fields were left empty, they were forced to find alternative ways to survive.


The Igbo people are renowned for their entrepreneurship, hustle, and bustle. Some of them would go above and above to obtain this paper since they are so skilled at selling and making money. Politically, you can see how they have also being denied the chance to rule the country or occupy various top political positions.

They have engaged in numerous illegal activities both inside and outside of Nigeria, and all in the name of gaining financial gain. Numerous instances of money rituals have been linked to the Igbo people. They have no other motives but to make money, and they will hurt everyone who gets in their way. There is currently turmoil in the Igbo states as a result of security threats by the members of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) who have been declaring sit-at-home for the release of their leader, Nnamdi Kanu.


Although Hausa people behave and appear like Fulani people, they are not the same. The Hausa people are incredibly spiteful and will go to great lengths to take their vengeance. If the Hausa people feel insulted, a minor disagreement could turn into a full-scale conflict.

The majority of the Boko Haram terrorist groups are composed of Hausa people. This is due to their widespread illiteracy and hardened hearts.

Conflicts arise due to political dominance and power struggles between different ethnic groups. Religious and ideological differences have also fueled tensions in certain regions.


Ijaw is a very dominant tribe in the Niger Delta region of the country. There are extremists operating here who show no compassion. They abduct and kill local and foreign citizens, particularly if these individuals are connected to the oil in their area.

To ameliorate the problem, the government has implemented many amnesty programs. However, they continue to destroy pipelines, carry out kidnappings, and make it difficult for many people to settle there.


Yoruba also makes the list as one of the most hated tribes in the country. The Yoruba people are renowned for their cunning attitude, if there is one thing they are. The Igbo continue to believe that Yorubas cannot be trusted.

The Yoruba tribe, located in southwestern Nigeria, boasts a rich cultural heritage and has made significant contributions to arts, music, and literature. However, political rivalries and power struggles among Yoruba leaders have caused inter-tribal tensions. Land disputes and boundary conflicts have also contributed to ongoing conflicts in some areas.

This tribe has a long history of crimes such as stealing, kidnapping, rape, fraud, and ritual-related occurrences.


When it comes to witches, cultists, ogboni, and the like, it is well known that the Edo tribe has the most of them. Many of their young people engage in criminal activity like kidnapping, theft, fraud, and prostitution. They are hostile and violent people.

Additionally, there have been multiple instances of intrastate conflicts in Edo between various municipal governments. Many individuals died in these battles because they became so brutal


The Esan tribe has been marked out in Edo because they are special especially when it pertains to wickedness. They are incredibly evil and heavily involved in cults and witchcraft. They are well-known for starting wars with their neighbors. The Esan people have a rich heritage of medicine that keeps them alive and aids in their victory in battle.


Ebira are a group of people positioned in the heart of the country. The majority of them are found in the states of Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, and Edo.

These people prefer to act rather than just talk. They enjoy proving themselves through violence. The Ebira people are rumored to have the ability to execute a man for showing contempt. If you are battling against them, they will fight about a trivial matter.


Nupe people are one of the dominant tribes in the Middle Belt. The majority of them are in Niger State, but others are in Kwara. They are vicious and evil people that will use magic to attack anyone who crosses their path. They are unforgiving, and if you get in their way, they won’t think twice before killing you.

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