‘Tithe Kee You There’ – Fr. Oluoma Attacks Pastor

Rev. Fr. Oluoma, a Catholic preacher, criticizes pastors who promoted tithing as a result of Davido’s N250 million crowdfunding campaign.

This comes after a committee in charge of the money allocation disbursed N250 million to charities across Nigeria.

According to Fr. Oluoma, who praised Davido’s charitable deed, condemned pastors who asked for tithes from the crowdfunding funds earned by Davido.

“One hopeless and useless man of God said you should pay tithe. You see that man of God bah, if not that I am a catholic christian, I would have said ‘tithe kee you there.’ You didn’t raise money for the boy but you are asking him to pay tithe,” he said in part.

Watch the video below …


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