Tinubu Thinks Bullion Van Will Get Him Into Office – Usman Yusuf

Few hours ago, Public Policy Expert and PDP supporter, Prof Usman Yusuf was interviewed on Arise News by Charles Aniagolu regarding the recent news of Tinubu’s speech at Chatham House in London. During this interview, he stated that the APC presidential candidate thinks bullion vans will get him into the presidential office in 2023.

According to him, ever since the race began, Tinubu has not taken Nigerians seriously and he made things worse by going to speak in London when he has not addressed his people in Nigeria. He made it clear that if Tinubu thinks his financial strength will help him win then he is wrong because votes are going to come from locals in Nigeria and not those in London.

He said, “Tinubu thinks bullion van is going to get him into office. He is going to diaspora to speak when we need him to speak here in Nigeria because it is where votes are going to come from”.


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