Tinubu: Fuel Subsidy Removal Key to Prosperous Nigeria

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu believes that the current difficult situation caused by the removal of fuel subsidies will push us to find other sources of energy, improve our infrastructure, and provide better public services. This will help make Nigeria more successful.

He told everyone to view the temporary difficulties as short-term and focus on the possible long-term advantages.

On Monday, the President spoke at the final event of the University of Ilorin’s graduation ceremonies for the 37th and 38th academic sessions. He acknowledged that Nigerians are experiencing economic difficulties due to the removal of the oil subsidy.

Dr. Yusuf Tanko Sununu, who represents the Minister for state education, said on behalf of Tinubu: “Although there may be some difficulties in the beginning, we should focus on the possible advantages in the future.”

He said that if subsidies are removed, it can lead to investments in other types of energy, building things like roads and bridges, and improving public services. This would help make Nigeria stronger and more successful.

He said: “During this change, let’s stay together as a country, helping each other and working together to find solutions.” He warned: It’s going to be hard, but if we use new ideas and save energy, we can get through these problems and become a stronger nation.”

Always keep in mind that when things change, there are usually difficulties that come along with it. However, if we stay strong and work together, we can create a brighter future for ourselves and the next generations,” Tinubu encouraged.

He praised the management of Unilorin for its academic achievements and contributions to the country’s growth. He specifically mentioned the researchers who have helped governments both within and outside the country.

He says that the researchers at the institution have done a great job in research and innovation. They have made important discoveries that have been officially recognized and can be used by everyone.

He said: “The Unilorin has done impressive work by making important discoveries that solve important problems for our country and the world.”

This institution is making important contributions in different areas, like sustainable agriculture and healthcare technology, that are helping to drive progress and change. The researchers at this university are doing great work in fighting Malaria in Africa, finding new ways to treat eye cancer, and helping farmers improve their crop yields.

But he said he supports the school in winning money, saying: “I am also happy to be connected with the University for winning a $1.5 million grant from AspenTech Inc. USA. This money will be used to create modern facilities for teaching and research in Geosciences and its applications.”

Tinubu also told the graduates to represent their parents, school, and country well in their future pursuits. He encouraged them to always strive for success.

Earlier, the Vice Chancellor, Prof Wahab Olasupo Egbewole told the graduates to think outside the box. He said that complaining about the bad economy and the environment won’t solve their problems. Instead, they should rely on themselves and take action to help themselves, which he called the best way to get help.

As graduates and professionals, we need to understand that complaining won’t solve any problems. The current state of the country is something we have all contributed to. Having the right mindset as a problem-solver means looking for and finding opportunities in challenges. This is what allows people from other countries like China, Lebanon, and India to succeed in Nigeria.

You should know that being productive gives you freedom, while being active just keeps you busy. Stay focused and avoid stressing over things that are beyond your control.

“Make sure you have goals, know your limits, stay focused, give it your all, and believe that everything will work out,” he advised.


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