“Those Who Earn N37m A Month Are Telling Those Who Earn N18k A Month That Paying Them 30k Will Lead To Inflation – Dele Farotimi

Dele Farotimi, a Nigeria lawyer and a political activist revealed how the oppressed Nigerians fight and killed themselves for their oppressors.

In his word, he said;

“Those who earn N37m a month are telling those who earn N18k a month that paying them 30k will lead to inflation.
But the victims earning 18k monthly would happily kill and die in protection of the interests of those sodomizing them.”


Harriet Tubman, said: “she could have freed a thousand more slaves if they knew they were slaves.”

“Happy slaves are the bitterest enemies to freedom.” Says Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

The above shows that Nigerians are happy with their sufferings.


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