Those Promoting The Cabal’s Choice To Rule Nigeria Want To Move Us From Sodom To Gomorrah – Shehu Sani

People have begun to share their opinions regarding those who are projected to be elected to public seats as the 2023 election approaches. Some have gone so far as to ask the public for support for their favorite politicians who have expressed an interest in a particular position.

Shehu Sani, a former senator from Kaduna Central, declared that people who support the cabal’s choice for the country’s leadership want to move the country from Sodom to Gomorrah.

The term “cabals” refers to a group of people with the authority to pick who runs the country and how to ensure that their preferred candidate wins the election. The phrase “from Sodom to Gomorrah” usually refers to a transition from one horrible situation to the next.

Some of Shehu Sani’s fans reacted to the senator’s statement, with some attempting to question him about the cabal’s pick, while others stated that Godfatherism and cabal operations must cease in Nigeria for the country to progress.


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