The Bible Says Don’t Retaliate When Somebody Does Bad To You, In Politics We Must Retaliate – Wike

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has settled his differences with the former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole and he has also stated openly that the two of them are friends. Wike referred how they both fought against each other politically.

Wike specified that the former APC Chairman was a thorn in their flesh at that time and that they were delighted when he was removed as the party national chairman. 

Wike didn’t regret the fact that he stood against Oshiomhole in the past. He schooled his audience about the wildness of the political arena and that it gives room for retaliation when being attacked by the opposition.

He said, ”The Bible says don’t retaliate when somebody do bad to you, but in Politics we must retaliate. Because if you don’t retaliate, you don’t know whether you will survive the next one. When a madman flogs you, don’t run! Flog the madman back so that he will know how painful it is. Politics is not religion at all, when e go and worship, we worship. But when we are in the Arena, you do me and i do you back. Politics is different from a Pastor role, you do according to the Word of God but when it comes to politics, it’s not everything you follow. Because before you know it, they will have taken you off.”


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