The Amount Of Fuel They Say We Consumed In Nigeria Cannot Be Consumed By Nigerians – Peter Obi

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi has said that some questions ought to be answered considering the provided record of fuel consumption in Nigeria.

In a video currently making rounds on social media, Peter Obi was addressing the press when he said that Pakistan and Nigeria are almost equal in population with more roads than Nigeria. He questioned the possibility of Pakistan consuming one-third of the fuel consumed in Nigeria. He said this while stating that there would be no room for criminality if he wins the presidential election.

He said;

“I will not allow any form of criminality as president of Nigeria. First, the amount of fuel they say we consume cannot be consumed by this country, it’s epical evidence. We are about the same size as Pakistan, we are about 210 to 220 million, Pakistan is about the same size. They have more roads, we have the same number of vehicles or they have even more, yet their fuel consumption is a third of ours, so who’s drinking the balance?”



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