Tension In Anambra As Electoral Workers Resign Over IPOB Threat

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The upcoming election in Anambra has taken another turn after electoral Workers resign over IPOB threat.

Recall that, members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, and their militant wing; Eastern Security Network has sounded a warning to all the indigenes of Anambra, that they should not try to participate in the upcoming election, they should maintain the Sit-At-Home order.

Many electoral workers resign over IPOB threat, and this has caused a shortage in the number of ad-hoc staff needed for the election.

Also, the Media and Publicity Secretary of the sect, Emma Powerful, sent out a circular to all Igbo states, issuing a twelve-day ultimatum to the Buhari-led Government to release their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, who was arrested and detained at the DSS office, and failure to heed to this warning, all Igbo states will be locked down for one week.

Emma powerful also stated, that since Nnamdi Kanu’s court case to 10th of November, it is time to fight for Kanu, who was arrested illegally with no offense according to the law, the recent trial that happened on October 21, has proven that Buhari is out to infringe on Kanu’s right, they are intentionally keeping him in detention for humiliation.

According to the Constitution, there is a right to a fair hearing, lawyers, reporters, envoys, journalists, important Igbo figures came from different places all over the world to witness his trial, but they were all restricted from gaining access into the court premises by the DSS officials, who kept them under the scorching sun.

The right to fair hearing has been infringed on, we are therefore fighting against trying Kanu secretly under the sharia law.

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