Tension As Father Drops Shocking Revelation About Sylvester Oromoni Burial

The father of the 10-year-old kid that was killed by his classmates has dropped revelation about the child’s (Sylvester Oromoni) Burial.

Recall that the case of murder that was filed against the authorities of Dowen College, housemasters, and five students who were alleged to have bullied and beaten the boy to death while in school took another turn weeks ago.

They were all arraigned in court but were all released on 1 million bails and the court ordered that an autopsy should be carried before taking further actions on the suit.

Moreover, his father dropped revelation about the child’s (Sylvester Oromoni) burial, via an interview with a newspaper where he stated that he will not bury the kid’s corpse even if it takes thirty years before the case becomes settled.


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