Surprise, As Peter Obi Leads After Omokri Conducts Online Election Among His Followers

The race to the 2023 generation has since begun and parties are making efforts to choose their best candidates who will be able to represent them well, win the love and votes of the people, and subsequently grants their party the chance to lead the nation for the next four years before another election.

As parties continue to prepare and think of the best strategy to use, Reno Omokri who is a popular Nigerian Public Commentator and Human Rights Activist has constantly taken to his social media page to give out a piece of advice and ideas to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on what they may do to defeat the opposition party.

Some hours ago, he came up with an idea to know how ready his followers on Twitter are and who they will possibly vote for incase election is to be now. He brought up online election for them and presented only four aspirants.

He said, “If the presidential elections were held today and the candidates are as follows, for whom would you vote? Yemi Osinbajo, Peter Obi, Bola Tinubu, and Ahmad Lawan.

After three hours, 9,408 people voted and Peter Obi emerged the winner seconded by Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and Bola Tinubu. See the outcome statistics below

Well, we should not forget that this is just an online vote and the number of people who have participated so far in the vote are not much when compared to those who will be voting in the coming election. Also, this may or may not mean the minds of the people.

However, there are two things one can easily observe in this online vote. First, it makes people vote from the comfort of their homes and secondly, no one needs to wait for the results as it is out there for everyone to see.


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