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Supreme Court’s ruling on Section 84 (12) of Electoral Act vindicates national assembly —Lawan

President of the Senate, Ahmed Lawan, has reiterated the commitment of the 9th Senate to correct the weaknesses contained in the Electoral Act 2022.

Lawan, who made this known during plenary on Tuesday, lauded the judgement of the Supreme Court on Section 84(12) of the Act, saying “it vindicated the National Assembly.”

He stressed that further amendment of the Act would strengthen it ahead of 2023 general elections.

“Let me say that this is one major landmark judgement by the Supreme Court that the National Assembly had done their job and the court upheld it.

“The method of what method of primaries should be adopted at the moment is entirely left for the political parties to decide.

“But as we implement the electoral act we are supposed to be very observant of the strengths and weaknesses of the law. This law is supposed to improve on the electoral processes and procedures in our country.

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“So it’s for us to ensure that where there are weaknesses, we try to come up with measures, amendments to deal with issues of weaknesses in the law. And I’m sure it will come full circle when 2023 elections are held.

“I have no doubt in my mind that all of us in the National Assembly, not only in the Senate, but also in the House of Representatives, feel that we just do everything possible to make this electoral act serve the purpose for which it was passed and assented to.

“Therefore I believe we should work tirelessly to take note of those areas that we feel are not strong enough, that are weak points in the law, with a view to strengthening them before we finally take our exit in 2023.”

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