Students Protest Against Gay Marriage, Lesbianism Legalization Treaty

Jos, Plateau State – Students flooded the streets of Jos yesterday, vehemently protesting against the proposed treaty aiming to legalize Lesbianism, Gay marriage, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) practices in Nigeria.

The protesters, echoing the sentiments of the nation’s two major religions, labeled the proposed treaty as an abomination, citing concerns about its potential impact on cultural norms and religious beliefs.

“The treaty is an affront to our cultural values and traditions,” exclaimed one of the students leading the demonstration. “If endorsed, it could ruin our future and force us to accept practices that go against our deeply rooted beliefs.”

During the protest, Dr. Ekaette Ettang, a prominent educationist, voiced her concerns about the potential consequences of signing the European Union and Africa-Caribbean and Pacific countries (EU-ACP) treaty.

“The Nigerian government should not give its consent to this treaty. It could compel citizens to engage in practices such as lesbianism and gay marriage, which are contrary to our cultural norms,” Dr. Ettang asserted.

She further cautioned the Federal Government and heads of Africa-Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) States, advising them not to sign the controversial treaty. “LGBT rights should not override our cultural values, and we must stand firm in preserving our traditions,” she added.

Dr. Ettang’s concerns align with the sentiments of the protesters who believe that lesbianism and gay practices are incompatible with African norms.

In a related context, President Joe Biden’s assertion that LGBT rights are universal international laws has stirred debates globally. However, the protesters in Jos remain steadfast in their conviction that cultural preservation should take precedence over external pressures.

Recalling President Biden’s statement, Dr. Ettang argued, “No government should impose practices that are contrary to the deeply rooted values of its citizens. We must protect our cultural integrity.”


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