Stop Giving Birth To Dwarfs In Our Community, Methamphetamine Addiction – Anambra PG Warns Youths

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The President General PG of Aguleri in Anambra East Local Government Area, Anambra State have warned their youths, especially the females to stop mingling with non-indigenes.

He said that they were responsible for impregnating their daughters to give birth to dwarfs, the spate of dwarfs in the Aguleri community is now a source of worry to the President General.

“In the last prayer we had, I cautioned them to be careful how they mingle with these native foreigners, though they are Nigerians, people with not same blood, you are free to live your love life.

“Like this time some people are having dwarfs while in the history of their lineage they have not seen dwarfs. It is an abomination and you cannot throw them away, they are human beings, they have right to life,” he stated.

Chief Hibo who also condemned hard drug addiction by the youths, especially methamphetamine (Mkpulummili), stated Wednesday, that efforts were being intensified to stop the consumption.

“We are doing our best to stop the consumption and I can tell you that some of our people are even involved in mkpulumili because of the financial benefit. They are mostly farmers, they will tell you to bring it because they know how to smuggle these things.

” I have given my people hope that tomorrow will be better, hope that we are going to the right direction, like now if you want to come out, for any elective position you have to be screened, you should articulate on issues. You should be somebody that has sense, not being educated only.

“Through me our people have opened an account in the bank, unlike before because I told them that it is no longer business as usual, that’s why we are going higher to the nest level,” he further hinted.

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